I am you


They entered through the door, the woman and her two daughters. With flowing white togas, clinched at their waist, they looked like the ray of sunshine, I did not know, who they were. But I had been waiting for them, for too long.

“Mother, is this where we will live?” The younger one, almost five years of age, with golden locks, and the face of an angel, spoke up.

The woman looked around, her face a mix of sorrow and disdain.

“Yes, agape mou this is our home now.”

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With love…from Eden


Across the road, thousands bustling by the busy street, light snow trickling down the sky, her eyes met his. A moment of vast nothingness where all stood still, an eternity flashed them by, and she blinked. She blinked.

His lips twitched in an uncertain smile.

The eyes were old, they were wise with knowledge of her, a lost soul seeking the comfort of home. Home in each other.

Her foot shook and etched towards him, his tremulous smile an invitation to join him. Explore the tethering thin golden rope that connected their souls. Souls that knew memories from lifetimes ago.

My Love

Her thoughts reverberated, over an over again.

My Love

He cocked his head sideways, realisation spreading across him with the knowledge of her thoughts. His lips widened in a large smile, because he knew her contemplation was right. She was his, she belonged to him. His soul had…

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With bloody hands I waved “goodbye”


I painstakingly plucked out bloody feathers from the turkey. It was time to wring it’s leg, twist and then chop. This needed to be done with finesse, after all it was Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Laura came running from the bedroom, to get to her phone, that had been ringing incessantly. She picked it and ran inside our room. She had been doing that a lot lately, running to dark corners with her phone, whispering. She thought I was stupid, I did not understand. I also knew what her friends thought about me, that I was slow in the head. Isn’t that why I was a stay at home dad?


A 6.5 feet, giant of a man, who couldn’t even get a job. Who spoke slow, in slurs and could not use big words.

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Woes of motherhood


So, recently, I started chatting up with this young mother I just met. A consultant, like me; and as usual, we moms started discussing what a challenge it is to work and manage kids.

As the discussion went on, I had this sudden epiphany that she was nothing like me.

It started with her gushing on about her four and two yearolds, and how she could never forget the beauty of giving birth. I pretended, genuinely pretended, to “Awwww” at that remark. Instead my treacherous mouth lined into a snigger; birthing, beautiful!

They must’ve pumped you with enough morphine to last a lifetime.

But of course, I only thought that, didn’t say it. I am a nice person, you know!

And then she started speaking about her parenting philosophy that included rules like no junk food, and only 30 minutes of TV time in a week.

Wow, seriously!

My kids…

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