Unspoken rules about the perfect suit 2.0

Dr. Pocket Square

I am sure you got your basics right by reading my previous post Unspoken rules about the perfect suit 1.0.

Now, it is time to get into those minute nitty-gritties that separate the boys from the men, because why would you need swag when you got the SUIT.

Just like Colin Firth said in The Kingsman, ”The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor and we are the new knights.”

Continuing from where we left off, and we did leave off at a very interesting point. To jog your memory a little, we were last unraveling the mystery of the belt.

  1. If you are like most men, or rather like how I used to be, you have probably worn ill-fitting trousers all your life. Fortunately for us men now, there is enough information out there when it comes to the way our trousers need to fit. Trousers should neither…

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