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Hi, I am Lakshmi Priya (but I respond better to Ell P. I am Leadership coach/mentor when the sunshines and a writer/artist past midnight. I have, over the years studied in thirteen different schools (not because I kept failing subjects) and colleges and moved across India and Europe, thanks to my nomadic family. And no, we aren’t wanted by the Interpol. With an MBA in Marketing and Finance, I do try making money, coaching and training corporates in Leadership development and consulting in OD.

But really, my true passion has always been spinning a damn good yarn. My writing career (not counting the times in school where I have been published here and there) began in August, 2014 when I became an integral part of the Write Club, Bangalore. An avid reader and writer since childhood, I have rediscovered my calling in writing fiction when Litlatte was born, a publishing platform created by me and four other writers.

Apart from publishing anthologies and books, I regularly writes for the monthly edition of Write Club Magazine.

I also attempt my hand at wall art and life size murals through my art based start-up called M-Artini.

I would love to hear what you think about my work. Please leave your views in the comments or connect with me through;





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