The Mistaken Barista


Massive glass doors flew open as he enters, shrouded in bright sunlight, beige chinos and blue cashmere hug his chiseled form. He looks nothing less than a modern day Apollo. A God that deems fit to walk this realm of mortals. He walks straight towards me with purpose and a wide smile on his glorious face, his perfect teeth glowing like tiny stars and his eyes are deep blue gateways into the vast universe.

My world stands still as I clutch my apron, until my fingers turn blue and prick of a sharp nail brings me back to reality. Yet, I can’t keep my eyes off that heavenly specimen of mankind. I lick my lips and bite my lower lip hard, and his lips twist into a naughty smirk. His strides are decisive and he walks with the air of someone who always gets what he wants. Somehow that knowledge…

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Unspoken rules about the perfect suit 2.0

Dr. Pocket Square

I am sure you got your basics right by reading my previous post Unspoken rules about the perfect suit 1.0.

Now, it is time to get into those minute nitty-gritties that separate the boys from the men, because why would you need swag when you got the SUIT.

Just like Colin Firth said in The Kingsman, ”The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor and we are the new knights.”

Continuing from where we left off, and we did leave off at a very interesting point. To jog your memory a little, we were last unraveling the mystery of the belt.

  1. If you are like most men, or rather like how I used to be, you have probably worn ill-fitting trousers all your life. Fortunately for us men now, there is enough information out there when it comes to the way our trousers need to fit. Trousers should neither…

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You need to dress, how you want to be addressed…

Dr. Pocket Square


After years of research, it has been proven that any impact of communication is 55% Visual, 38% Vocal and 7% Verbal.

Which means, that if you want to be heard, to be taken seriously, to be respected, you have got to look the part. It is simple, it is the BE, DO & HAVE model. Let us understand the model first, if you want to be the influencer within your circle, or if you want to be the manager everyone goes to, or the gentleman people naturally turn to; you have got to look IT, dress IT  and be IT before you can have IT.

Let us start with breaking myths about style. For beginners, style is not about vanity, narcissism and blowing your own trumpet. It is all about respecting yourself.

In the words of Charles Hix, “Looking good isn’t self – importance, it is self respect.”

Haven’t you heard, a…

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The family outing

Take your hands off him!  “I am sorry. Did you say something?” She turned around and looked at me. Her green eyes wide, almost seeing through my soul. “Nothing…just that you look really pretty toda…

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